PROTEST - Theatre Industry Night


05/16/2017 - 8:00pm - 9:30pm

Alliance for New Music-Theatre joins with Dupont Underground to present Václav Havel’s PROTEST.

We are inviting our theatre friends to experience PROTEST in this new Subterranean Arts & Cultural Center at Dupont Circle for a special "Theatre Industry" night on Tuesday May 16, 2017.

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For "Theatre Industry" night discounted tickets at $15 use Promo Code: HAVELPROTEST

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Alliance for New Music-Theatre is going underground – literally. The Alliance is the “Theatre in Residence” Dupont Underground where, starting May 10, we will present 16 performances of Havel’s Protest - a work whose origins were also “underground.”

As part of Václav Havel’s 80th anniversary year, Alliance for New Music-Theatre and Dupont Underground join to present a “Vaněk” play – Protest – by Václav Havel -playwright, activist, political prisoner, and president of the former Czechoslovakia and then the Czech Republic. Havel staged “Apartment Performances” when he was forced to go underground with his work and used this radical solution to share his works with audiences via private living room performances. Havel’s “apartment” play has a serious and most timely message, exposing the power of a society that spies on its citizens and the thin line between acquiescence and culpability, between absurdist comedy and creepy terror.
Please join us for these inaugural theatre performances in the newly renovated Dupont Underground - DC’s exciting new cultural arts and performance space underneath Dupont Circle.

Dupont Underground
1500 19th Street NW
Entrance is on NE side of Dupont Circle next to Starbucks
Washington DC, DC 20036

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